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Um-World: Our Static Questions Need Organic Answers

The artworks found in the more-than-human exhibition at Onsite Gallery in Toronto are abbreviated—infinitesimally small, slow-moving, omni-synaptic—communities. Be careful where you put your hands; each movement of your body shifts something in the exhibition-space.

Sous ses yeux de pierre: Véronique Chagnon Côté and Élise Lafontaine

The everywhere filigree of enpencilled architectural guidelines throughout Côté’s work suggest the work is, in some ways—and in contrast to instances of exquisite, even masterful detail—half-imagined, or, if you’d prefer, half-dreamt, akin in space to the swirling translucence and precise geometry of a dream partially inhabited at waking.

Revelations: Gathie Falk

If there is a word in English that will do to describe existence at all it is perhaps miracle and it is perhaps the job of the artist to situate the miracle for us, as Falk does—to remind us of the miracle when the grooved fat of habit suppresses our appetite for it.