Based in (but not limited to) London, Ontario, Canada, Centred.ca is an online art publication that strives to bring the phenomenal abundance of artists and artist exhibitions, and general art interest of the Southwestern Ontario area to national and international attention.

We do that through thoughtful and intelligent art reviews and other postings, aiming to publish three to six reviews/articles a month and actively increase readership through online advertising, social media, and networking. We also encourage readers to become engaged in Centred.ca events and discussions.

At Centred.ca, we believe:

  • Southwestern Ontario is an artistic hub, deserving of critical attention.
  • Good art writing is the most meaningful way to support and amplify the incredible work of contemporary artists, learn more from their work, and about ourselves.

Centred.ca is committed to bringing in artists and art writers from the margins, and, as such, strives for equality of representation and ethical unbiased writing. Centred.ca is also committed to art and environmental awareness and acknowledges John Osbourne’s comment on Madeline Lennon’s review of the work of Jill Price, Leslie Putman, Morag Webster, and Kim Wilkie: “A truly perceptive and sensitive response to the work of some of the best living visual artists in Canada today.”

 Centred.ca actively supports art writing (including new art writers) and is currently seeking art reviewers. Please send your bio and a few examples of your art review writing to nida@centred.ca.

If you are enthusiastic about the work of a specific local London or Southwestern Ontario contemporary artist and would like to suggest we review an upcoming show, please email us: nida@centred.ca. We will do our best (or recruit you) to write the review! See above. 

Centred.ca exists to shine light on the thoughtful and sometimes provocative contemporary artwork of our regional artists, as well as support the galleries and museums that show and sell their artwork.

 Our advertisers include established galleries, i.e., Western University’s McIntosh Gallery, and newer art galleries, i.e., Good Sport.

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