Advertising Quote Request


CENTRED.CA is becoming widely recognized for its quality art reviews, mainly focusing on art exhibitions and local artists from London and surrounding southwestern Ontario area.

We are committed to shining a thoughtful and sometimes provocative light on the outstanding art and artists in this area. With an increasingly robust promotion plan, we have grown significantly, and globally since launching two years ago.

CENTRED.CA would like to help promote your gallery, exhibitions and events.

For more detailed information about advertising with, please see our advertising page.

Our advertising packages include:

• Our increasing subscription mail out, connected to our website
• Our regular mailout of reviews and events to relevant galleries, visual arts organizations, artists, and general public
• Our strong social media promotion, mainly Facebook and Instagram

Advertising Packages

We offer two kinds of advertising packages:

Display Ad – $100 per month:
• Homepage IMAGE AD – links directly to your website
• Includes Events listing on our Local Art Events page which is mailed out monthly through our advertising campaign and subscription list.
• Complimentary social media posts (Facebook and Instagram)

If you would like us to provide layout for your IMAGE AD, please send us the details below and we will get back to you with a quote for the cost of the ad design.

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