Over the last year, since our inauguration, Centred has reached over 5000 readers. These readers are mainly local and from within Canada, but we also have people interested in the art and artist of Southwestern Ontario who are reading our reviews and seeing our Events Listings from United States, Germany, China, England, France, Iceland, and more than 20 other countries. (We strive to bring the phenomenal work of the many outstanding artists of this area to the rest of the world.)

We now have Social Media contacts of over 2,000.

Over the last few months, we have included regular mailouts via direct email to people who are specifically interested in the arts in this region, including gallery curators and directors, and collectors (locally, nationally, and internationally). Through our mailouts we aim to reach 500 individual subscribers by the end of the year by September 2021.

Our mailouts include:

  • a monthly Newsletter of planned art exhibitions, and interesting events related to the art local art scene or happenings with
  • a monthly mailout of updated Local Art Events
  • a regular mailout of recently published art reviews and artist interviews posted on the website.


Two ways to advertise your art exhibition

Image advertising space:
If you would like to advertise your gallery exhibition of a local artist or artists, which will be displayed prominently on our website, please contact Nida (owner and publisher) We have monthly and special yearly rates.

Local Art Events listings:
With your paid Events Listing you will be given approximately 150 words descriptive text along with one image of artwork from the exhibition. For Local Art Events page please contact Nida Home Doherty at View current examples here: We have yearly (10x), monthly and one-time Events Listing rates.

Rates are adjusted to circumstances.

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