Andrés Garzon In Conversation With Kim Wilkie

Kim Wilkie, an energetic and innovative artist, draws upon everything around her for inspiration. Whether we’re discussing nature, materials, space, Kim is limitless in her vision and abundant in her approach to art making. With decades of experience in drawing, painting, sewing and sculpture, Kim continues to explore and articulate her dedicated passion to visual art, without fear and full of optimism and possibility. You can find Kim’s work at, and Andrés work at, or @studioandresgarzon. Music provided by Artificial.Music.

The Landscape, Acrylic and pencil on recycled masonite
Rug Painting #2, Handwoven mixed media, 18″ diameter
Painter’s Quilt #1 Vase & Flowers, Acrylic paint and embroidery on linen, 42×42″
Garden Patch 1, Mixed media on canvas, 18×18″, 2020
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