Andrés Garzon In Conversation With Terry Graff

Terry Graff, a Galt (Cambridge) native and acclaimed national visual artist, with strong Woodstock and London connections, sits down with Centred’s podcast interviewer, Andrés Garzon, to discuss his art background, his relationship to nature and technology, his ambitious sculptural works and paintings, and so much more. Join Terry and Andrés as Terry shares various experiences that span his decades long art practice. You can find Terry’s work at, and Andrés work at, or @studioandresgarzon. Music provided by Artificial.Music.

An exhibition of Terry Graff’s work is currently showing at the Woodstock Art Gallery. Check out Terry Graff: Avion Cyborgs, on view until June 12.

See some of Terry’s work below.

Photo courtesy of Terry Graff
St. Sebastian #3, 2016
Ghost Rabbit #3, 2021
Tantra Mantra, 1990
Great Canadian Landscape, 1988
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