Brian Meehan Interviews Madeline Lennon

While artists and art galleries often garner the majority of public attention and acclaim, there are pivotal figures operating behind the scenes who play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of visual arts in a city or region. One such individual is Madeline Lennon. Her enduring passion for visual arts has had a profound and lasting impact on the art scene in London. Her influence has been deeply and widely felt and passionately expressed.

Brian Meehan, the former Executive Director of Museum London, had the opportunity to interview Madeline Lennon, a retired professor from Western University, a noted author, and a champion of regional visual arts. Their discussion delved into the breadth and depth of Madeline’s work, examining her contributions at an organizational level and in her interactions with the artists themselves. Their conversation offers valuable insights into the tireless efforts of Madeline’s work behind the scenes to bring visual arts to life in the place that she is happy to call home. 

Brian Meehan, the former Executive Director of Museum London
Madeline Lennon
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  1. says: Linda Harvey-Rioux

    Wonderful interview. So great to hear both Brian and Madeline talk about their backgrounds, experiences and contributions in the London community over the last many years.

    Loved hearing about Judy Chicago and the Dinner Party. I was so fortunate to meet her in Saskatchewan. Also Madeline’s relationship with Shelley Niro. Great to hear about her exhibition that is on now at the AGH.

    Thanks for this.

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