Featured Artist

Centred presents an interview with a significant artist from in and around the southwestern Ontario area.

Speaking Artfully to Power: A Conversation with Rodney Mercer

I used to have recurring dreams as a child of somebody drowning; and I always knew who it was. But these dreams stopped. And one day I was on my way to class at university and this dream came to me: it was kind of like an apparition, and it felt kind of odd, and the next day I got the phone call. 

Don Bonham vs London Regionalism

Don Bonham (1940–2014) was a colourful individualist, an irreverent outsider with a fantastical artistic vision. He was also an inspiring mentor to numerous art…

Me Me Me Wyn Geleynse

Wyn Geleynse is unwrapping a recent creation in his studio as I pepper him with questions, like, “just what inspires your creative process at…