Forest City Gallery

FCG Pier: Works

By: Jozie and Mea

Aw^hihte? (Strawberry), by Mea, lino block print, 2022


Forest City Gallery
1025 Elias Street, London,
Ontario, N5W 3P6

FCG’s programs and exhibitions are free and accessible to all.

Open now to September, 2023

Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays 12pm–5pm
Thursday 12pm-7pm

NOTE: FCG is open from August 12 – August 19th. Closed for the final weeks of August, and then we’ll open again in early Septembe

This summer, FCG has launched FCG Pier, a community-focused display space named for the idea of a pier as both an arrival place and an exciting point of departure. When we think of a pier, we also might think of the word “peer” (meaning to look at something) or “peers,” as in our friends and colleagues. Finally, a pier is also an architectural term for a support structure. FCG wouldn’t exist without the hard work, heavy lifting, and support of our community. Jozie and Mea are two elementary school students, budding artists, and part of the Oneida Nation of the Thames. They are passionate about honing their skills in printmaking, as well as developing their fluency in Oneida, and their work often embodies and represents their interests and identities.

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