“As an artist, I feel it is imperative to create positive imagery that can give to the viewer in a time of violence and uncertainty.” 

At first glance, you may see digital animation resembling a robot motorcycle assembled from small parts, as if floating in the air, accelerating at the speed of light. 

Presented at Museum London, Spectral Vane creates layers of depth moving throughout the piece. The colours merge tropical hues with energetic silver tones that transition into warm oranges (perhaps to represent the colour spectrum). In painting, warm tones, such as orange, and yellow, sometimes mean happiness, hope, and optimism. Red shades, iridescent with lilac and orange, speak of the author’s motivation, of his desire to display an inner drive, and strength. 

MEDIAH, SPECTRAL VANE, 2023. Hybrid mural artwork, digital animation component. Courtesy of the Artist.

“After seeing the animated television series Voltron,” explained the artist, “I spent countless afternoons in my parents’ basement building my own robots from boxes, broken toys, and any scrap material that I could lay my hands on. I enjoy capturing and glorifying the essence of speed, motion, and force to create movements in the image surface”.

Known by the pseudonym MEDIAH, Evond Blake is a talented Canadian multidisciplinary painter and trendsetter. Over the years, Evond has made a tremendous contribution to Post-graffiti and dynamic Abstract Art; and Spectral Vane blurs the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstract art. As an art connoisseur, I was fortunate to see his work at the Museum London, Ontario.

Evond’s works consist of weaving traditional street art forms and mixed State-of-the-art media printmaking using many forms and approaches found in digital art and design. Nowadays, due to technology and state-of-the-art digital tools, we can see a significant number of modern artworks created by technology. By way of illustration, inspired by aerodynamics, engineering, and circuits, Evond’s work reflects the essence of velocity, inertia, dynamism, and force that create movement on an image surface. 

Evond has managed to stand out and has won hearts thanks to his talent for drawing graffiti, showing prodigious skill in dynamic abstractness. “My artistic heritage lies in graffiti art, which is how I established myself as an instructor and to listen for the unique name of the piece,” he explained. “I believe that my inexplicable artwork provides a window for viewers to behold otherworldly dimensions and environments.”

“As an artist,” he went on, “I strive to create visual content that inspires, intrigues, and uplifts my audience. I feel it is imperative to create positive imagery that can give to the viewer in a time of violence and uncertainty.” 

Mediah. Photo Courtesy of the Artist.

The blue shade, on the other hand, may suggest Evond’s difficulties as a person in society, attempting to navigate this world. Evond’s work provides the viewer with his glorification of speed connected to the thirst for a faster and more streamlined world and its unavoidable repercussions of collision, disasters, and chaos. 

On the whole, the work amounts to outstanding digital animation, like a living robot, racing towards obstacles. Through painting and printmaking, digital animation has a sense of transformation and dynamism. From my point of view, Spectral Vane pushes the boundaries of traditional art in the modern world. 

RUSLAN KHOROSHEV. is from Israel. He is a big fan of Art and painting. From an early age, his mother taught him to love and distinguish different types of painting. “I adore traveling with my wife and visiting art galleries, to learn about culture and customs in different countries (around the world),”

Spectral Vane | Museum London, Atrium, Main Level
Exhibition dates: June 10, 2023 to March 3, 2024

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