Andres Garzon interviews Catherine Morrisey.

Andrés Garzon In Conversation With: Catherine Morrisey

Catherine Morrisey, a Brampton born and London based painter and artist, sits down with me to discuss her life-long art making practice, remote travel, family, work in libraries, and so much more. Join us as she shares incredible and hilarious stories of her humble beginnings, and how she has managed to find and maintain joy alive in her artwork. You can find Catherine’s work on Instagram @morriseycatherine, and Andrés work at andresgarzon.ca, or @studioandresgarzon. Music provided by Artificial.Music.

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Jazz Willow, 48 x 48″

Blackfriars Village, 60 x 48″
Chestnut in Bloom, 60 x 48″
Egret in the Mastubara, 36 x 36″
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