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“London is quite a remarkable place; it’s really best known for the Regionalist movement in the 50s and 60s, but I really think that London [and surrounding area], per capita, probably has a stronger arts community than just about anywhere in Canada.”

-Brian Meehan (former Executive Director of London Museum), in an interview with Sarah Oakley for Centred

Centred has recognized and endeavoured to encourage and promote the “stronger [visual] arts community” over the last four years.

Centred started as a small enterprise with a modest readership. But thanks to the supportive London arts community and community advertisers, Centred has grown from a small readership to over 6000 readers a year.

There is room for significant growth, both in the number of art reviews and the local artist profiles that we publish. But we would benefit from further support to allow us to pay a fair rate to our writers and maintain our low networking, web host, and designing fees.

We are turning to you (supportive readers, local and regional artists) to further this necessary assistance.

Donation campaign

With our newly launched donation campaign, we are offering two donation tiers. You can donate as little or as much as you like by following one of the two tiers or by making a custom pledge.

We include a low-cost tier for local and regional artists (the mainstay of our website). We offer this to reflect how much we value you and want to continue supporting and promoting you.

We also have a more generous tier for arts patrons who wish to invest in quality arts reporting.

We are deeply grateful for your patronage and want to thank those who have given so kindly and graciously thus far.

Please consider offering your support to our visual arts community. Your contribution directly impacts the quality of Centred’s publication, the number of artists and art exhibitions we cover, and our ability to get your name out there.


Thank you to our current donors and supporters.

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Kim Wilkie

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